MODE 01.

AS A PROJECT BASED BRANDING AGENCY  This is our default model of operation. Start ups, small business, clients looking for a small agency come to us as branding/marketing/strategy/creative partner.


MODE 02.

AS A POP UP PRODUCTION COMPANY  Let's say you just need a piece of creative; a web film, a website, self promo piece, a photography shoot, a logo design. GTT also has the ability to supply production through our network of producers, directors, editors, DP's, designers. 


MODE 03.

AS A PITCH PARTNER FOR THOSE WITH A PROSPECTIVE CLIENT, BUT NEED A CREATIVE DEPARTMENT  In this mode, those entrepreneurs who may have an inroads to a potential new business opportunity, but who might not have a creative partner to help them, GTT can be that partner. Our network of freelance writers, art directors, designers, and producers can help round out a more robust pitch. A creative arm for hire.