GYPSIES TRAMPS + THIEVES IS A COLLECTIVE NETWORK OF TALENTED INDIVIDUALS.                                                           Freelancers are their craft. Their enthusiasm isn't bogged down by repetition. They come in with fresh legs, big eyes and one goal; Create the best stuff possible. Whether that's a web film, brand insight, social strategy, or a PB+J--Dammit, they're going to put their all into it!

A CULTURE OF COLLABORATION.                                                                                                                                                         We develop a close knit team for each project. Everyone has a part in everything. No one is left out, least of all our clients. This keeps communication open, ideas flowing, the ball moving and smiles smiling.

OUR FANCY PHILOSOPHY ON ADVERTISING AND BRANDING:                                                                                                              Actually, we don't really have one. We simply believe in telling engaging stories beginning with our clients. If they're not captured, excited, or even a little bit scared by what we have to say about them, then the world won't be either. Our most important audience is whom we work for.

WHAT YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW.                                                                                                                                                     We look to build strong relationships with clients and their audiences. Our processes are streamlined. Rules, flexible. Overhead, virtually nil. Teams and budgets are tailored to the project at hand. Scopes don't include espresso machines or ping pong tables. We aim high, operate small and always bring big ideas to the table! 

(unless it's a conference call, in which case, we'll bring ideas to the phone)