GYPSIES TRAMPS + THIEVES IS A COLLECTIVE NETWORK OF TALENTED INDIVIDUALS.                                                           Freelancers are their craft. Their enthusiasm isn't bogged down by repetition. They come in with fresh legs, big eyes and one goal; Create the best stuff possible. Whether that's a web film, brand insight, social strategy, or a PB+J--Dammit, they're going to put their all into it!

A CULTURE OF COLLABORATION.                                                                                                                                                         We develop a close knit team for each project headed up by a core team leading freelancers who bring their specialized talent to each project. Everyone has a part in everything. No one is left out, least of all our clients. This keeps dialogues open, surprises from being Defcon 1, the ball moving and smiles smiling.

WE OPT FOR PROGRESS OVER PROCESS.                                                                                                             We all need a way to work. But sometimes, “the way” gets “in the way”. And that’s the worst way to work. (Ok, enough of the “way” word overkill). We try to take advantage of our size and lack of layers and levels, so in our pursuit of an efficient and productive way to work, we try and find a approach for each project and client that allows for construct but also for communication, adaptation and above all, ideas to rise to the surface and everyone from drowning below it.

WHAT YOU REALLY WANNA KNOW:                                                                                                                                               We look to build strong relationships with clients, focus on their objectives and make a plan to reach them. Our obligations to holding companies are non-existent. Teams and budgets are tailored to the project at hand. Scopes don't include paying for an Italian espresso machines or championship ping pong tables. We bring experiences from working at some of the greatest (and yes in some cases, the biggest) agencies you could ever want to work to everything we touch. We aim high, operate small and always bring big ideas to the table! 

(unless it's a conference call, in which case, we'll bring them to the phone)