June 29, 2017                                                                                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

June 29, 2017                                                                                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

NEW YORK, NY - For the 3rd year in a row of its existence, super small agency Gypsies Tramps + Thieves of the United States was nowhere close to being considered for Global Network of the Year honors at this past summer's International Cannes Advertising Festival. That prestigious title went to BBDO for the 6th year in a row. While BBDO's client roster is over 1,000 deep in 500 countries, relatively little known and smaller agency GTT's (which at least does have its own all-caps initials) client roster consists of several hundred less than 1,000 (more accurately approaching 1,000) and offices span only 1 single country. In fact, "offices" is singular. And by singular, it means WeWork. 

Founder/Creative Director of GTT, Mark Abellera, nonetheless remains optimistic about his chances of one day being on the stage to receive the Global Network of the Year Award in Cannes someday. "It is my dream to one day be at the head of a gigantic conglomerate of various different agencies in various different countries speaking various different languages serving various different bagels for Bagel Thursday." Abellera went on to come back down to Earth and say, "But really, what are the chances of that ever really-realistically happening when we don't even have a softball team yet?" He then took a bite out of a bagel he had to purchase from a street cart vendor because his agency has yet to conceive of "Bagel Thursday".

GTT staff were absent from the awards ceremony in the South of France. Mainly, because plane tickets were insanely expensive. And they weren't invited.



Gypsies Tramps + Thieves is a small NYC based agency with offices not all over the world. This does not mean, however, that their ideas aren't big. It also allows for similar sized clients to not get lost in the shuffle, mainly because there aren't enough cards to shuffle yet. This results in very close relationships and communications, close personal attention, and many other benefits that could be described as "close".  A nice sized manageable ecosystem like this allows Gypsies Tramps + Thieves to work however they need to for and with clients. Current clients include Argosy University and Dailola Granola.  Contact for more information. 


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November 24, 2014                                                                                         FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                      

NEW YORK, NY - The United States Army’s $500 million account is up for agency review. The marketing and advertising budget is one of the most lucrative any agency can compete for.  Among the agencies competing for the half-a-billion dollar account is not Gypsies Tramps + Thieves. The New York City based agency declined to participate in the review by not filling out the Army's RFI during the pre-selection process. Nor were they invited to by the Army. In fact, the first time Mark Abellera, Founder and Creative Director of Gypsies Tramps + Thieves, even knew the account was looking for agencies was when he clicked a link someone posted something about it on Facebook.

“At the present time, I can confirm that our agency will not be participating in the Army’s search for an AOR for their gigantic $500 million account.” Abellera went on to add, “Don’t get me wrong, a $500 million account would have allowed us to build a huge lobby with some amazing furniture in it and have several coffee stations…maybe even with our own full-time barista! I can only imagine the reception hall we would’ve been able to rent out for our holiday parties…oh the food, the dancers, the bands! Wait a minute, is it too late to send in the RFP??”

Abellera paused for a moment before coming back to reality, “Actually, at this juncture, we’re going to concentrate on pursuing clients we are better suited to serve.”  He continued,  “You know, non behemoth sized challenger brands that we can physically work with and vice versa.  Like ones that really don’t have such hard and fast rules about what time to wake up, how long your hair can be. Besides, we probably would've been required to have our background checked.”

When asked about the $1.4 million Aldo shoe account rumored to be in play, Abellera replied, “Now, that's a size that fits!”. Then, quickly apologized for the pun.



Gypsies Tramps + Thieves is a small NYC based agency well suited to work with smaller to mid-less-than-$500-million-sized clients. This size relationship makes it easier to communicate, makes for faster times to solutions, approvals, or even email replies. A flexible ecosystem like this allows Gypsies Tramps + Thieves to work however they need to for and with clients. Current clients include Argosy University and Dailola Granola.  Contact for more information. 


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NEW YORK, NY - Small and nimble digital creative agency Gypsies Tramps + Thieves founder, Mark Abellera, has recently been reading about how enormous insurance agency and now advertising holding company Accenture had bid and somehow won the job to revamp Hertz’s website for a whopping $32 million. “Had we submitted a bid for the job, I have a feeling we would’ve been one of the few if not the only agency that came in under the $32 million ceiling that obviously Hertz had set. I mean, why else would anyone put a $32M estimate in front of a client?” Abellera was quoted as saying. He went on to say, “I suspect Accenture’s estimate was way more, but they (Accenture) obviously found places to trim their costs to get the green light from Hertz.”

Technically, GT+T did not present a bid, they were too busy working a few other client’s sites, all of which came in way way under $32 million. GT+T, who has recently been servicing several small biotech start ups based in Cambridge, MA (Inari Agriculture, Invaio Sciences), has been creating their sites without a huge marketing budget allocated for big splashy launches. “We try and give them the ‘splash’ through sound strategic thinking and finding the human truth in what can be dense subject matters. And then put all in a creative execution that reflects their brand. And our clients have been EXTREMELY happy that we’ve been able to do it for a lot less than $32 million.”

Big budgets, however, don’t scare GT+T. “Just for shits and grins, though, we did put together a bid for the Hertz job…and no matter how much we tried to outbid Accenture, we just couldn’t find a way. I mean, we put in individual Teslas to take us to and from presentations ….one for each trip, then donate them to local schools after each use. We even put in a minimum of 5 boondoggles a year to anywhere in the world for “cultural reference learning”, in Premium Class. On resurrected Air France and BA Concordes refurbished just for us! And we still couldn’t top $32 million. Kudos Accenture!”

All in all, Gypsies Tramps + Thieves is happy creating engaging economical sites and other creative content for clients who have a story to tell and not $32 million to tell it. “Look, don’t get me wrong, I’d love for someone to pay us $32 million to do something for them. In fact, if any clients out there want to…we’ll even settle for half that and throw in some nifty parallax effects for free.”

Abellera wishes Hertz had reached out to GT+T for their project before signing the $32M check to Accenture, “Just think of all the money we would’ve saved them from not having to sue us as well!”


Gypsies Tramps + Thieves is a small project based creative content agency based in NYC. They have helped launch several companies with branding, sound strategy, insightful creative ideas and even web design in the “Under $32 Million Dollars By Just About $32 Million Dollars” category. (Abellera, “I mean we have to charge something.”). This approach has been able to allow clients to get a lot of agency experience and ideas through the GT+T model, for not a lot of fee. Current client sites include, and currently a few more in development. Contact for more information.